Spring Classes
April- June 2021

Please register early as class sizes are limited.
To register or for more i
nformation please contact me

Pam@pampawltextiles.com or 215 483-7157



For the safety of my students ,  the studio is closed for group on- loom classes until further notice. I will open  by appt for one person at a time  for  tutoring ,  yarns and equipment. Please wear a mask and respect social distancing  when in the studio.



Current classes are held on-line through ZOOM. Please contact me  by email  for further instruction on how to register and connect online. 

Levels: (
If you are not sure please call me to discuss a class that fits your skills)
Advanced beginners
can independently set up their looms and have woven projects by reading directions in magazines or have taken a basic  4 Harness weaving classes. Intermediate weavers  have taken the beginner drafting class and are familiar with a computer weaving program and are confident with  winding warps and more complicated threadings.


Drafting and Design Series- Turned Taquette

April 6 -May 18, 2021 ( 6 classes over 7 weeks)




In this class we will explore  Turned Taquette. It is a double -faced weave  Warp colors alternate  allowing a choice of either color to be on the surface of a block.  Sometimes call Turned Summer and Winter  it’s  easier to weave  because is it uses one shuttle. Less dense  and more drapeable  than double weave and can be used for clothing, towels , etc.


If you attended the 2018-19   studio towel workshops,  I had  looms setup with this structure from Handwoven magazine.( See attached pictures).   Now let’s go a little deeper to create our own designs. Color is the key and it’s suitable for 4 harnesses and beyond.



The Path

Thursdays , May 20 – June 24, 2021

10-3 with a 45 minute lunch break



This past year has been life changing of many of us. Now that spring has come and vaccines are in arms, there is a feeling of hope and renewal. In this class , we follow a path with camera in hand, to record what we see  and create a woven record  of the  journey whether around the block, in our head, or around the  virtual  world.


This   on-line class  requires only a  sketchbook , camera  and  a simple loom.  It is  designed to increase your color and tactile sensibility without  the stress of “ am I doing it right” and to explore new  techniques to help  express what you see or feel using what you have.   Sessions will include an introduction to the week’s assignment including visuals,  discussions ,readings , dyeing and finishing techniques and a check -in of work in progress. As you develop ideas, they will  be expressed as small woven pieces using simple structures. These may result as finished pieces  or as experiments that serve as stepping stones to future journeys . 


You will also develop a deeper connection to like minded weavers. Class includes students sharing their techniques and  thought processes and learning from each other.



Two or more harness loom ( rigid heddle is fine)  internet connection with ZOOM , a willingness to research and share processes as they develop  and a commitment to doing the work  between classes.


Class will include emailed handouts, videos and  lively discussion! Students will  work on small weavings that may develop into finished pieces or serve stepping stones to future journeys



The Fridays Series- mini sessions

Learn along with others. Join us for interesting discussions on all types of weaving questions from techniques to structures. I can help you with understanding a draft, preparing for your next project, questions about yarns, dyeing, equipment  and more.

May /June  TBA

Payable by  virtual  Studio Card - $20 /session

12-2pm topic discussion

The cost is $20  per session and based on the purchase of a studio card. The studio card allows you to participate in any  of my mini- sessions or  apply it  to 6 week classes that are offered on Zoom or  you can  use it on materials or equipment at  a 10% discount. A virtual 10 punch  studio card is $100. Each time it is used, I send a receipt by text. 


 If you are interested in participating , please confirm by e-mail and we can arrange payment.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Discount  policy: Students currently enrolled in a class or those with a studio card receive a 10% discount on yarn, books and equipment if paying by  cash or check,  7% if paying by credit card.


Loom Evaluation-  For those who have purchased a used loom or have brought one out of storage.  I will check  your loom for any missing parts or broken parts and provide guidance in how to bring your loom back to good condition. 

in person - within 10 miles of Dunedin,

on Zoom- show me pictures of what you have  and I can discuss what you need  to get your loom in running condition.  I am familiar with most makes of  looms.


The following  regularly scheduled  sessions are postponed until the COVID19  restrictions are lifted and  the studio reopens.

Beginner Weaving

6 weeks


In studio class on a 4 harness floor loom. Student learn to design a project, wind a warp, dress and thread their loom . They learn to  read a draft as they weave a sampler of  basic structures and  exploring  the many variations possible in  color and texture.

NO experience necessary . All equipment and materials provided.



Painted Warps Workshop- Postponed until further notice.

2 day workshop

Location : Fiber Studio - Dunedin Fine Art Center
1143 Michigan  Blvd,   Dunedin, FL 34698


Tuition: $150 members, $165 non-members

Explore the idea of color movement by learning to paint a warp with Fiber Reactive dyes. Students will learn how to make stock solutions, how to lay out their yarns, apply and set the dyes and then how to rinse the yarn without tangling ready for the loom. We will also learn how to paint coordinating weft yarns. Students will bring a two 5yd prepared warps (20” maximum width) and skeins to dye. They must be cellulosic fiber - cotton, rayon, tencel, bamboo, etc. Blends are fine. I will send more specific warping information several weeks before class so there is time to purchase yarns and make the warps. 
Please register early. A $10 materials fee will be collected in class. 

Students who have previously taken this class, can purchase an hourly studio card  at the main desk and participate  if there is room.  Please contact me if you are interested. 



Feel free to contact me  for more information about any of the classes or workshops 


Pam Pawl Handwoven Textiles | 1019 MLK Jr Ave, Dunedin, FL 34698  |  215 483-7157 | pam@pampawltextiles.com

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