Classes -  Winter 2018

(updated 1/1/18)

The following classes are held at my NEW studio-
1019 MLK Jr Ave, Dunedin, FL

See pictures of the studio and work that's being created at

Beginner Weaving on a Floor Loom 
Jan 16 -Feb 20, 2018

Tues and Friday afternoon 1-4pm . Students may elect to come for a full day on Friday once they get started.


Learn the basics of setting up and weaving on a 4 harness loom. We begin by learning about types of looms and appropriate yarns  for weaving. Students design two  warps – the first to explore textures, stripes and basic weaves. Using this information , the second warp is a simple project where students will review the warping process and learn how to finish their woven fabric. Looms available or students may bring their own.

Fee: $215 includes materials for sampler. Students will purchase materials for their second warp.


Project Class on 4 or 8 Harnesses
Jan 19 - Feb 23,2018

6 weeks  Friday 10- 3 pm  or
4 weeks  Friday 10-3 pm  plus Tues 1/2 day beginning 1/19

The next class after Beginner Weaving. Weave a project  of your choice  on a 4 or 8 harness loom . Be inspired by other students as we explore new ideas together. individual guidance in planning  and drafting  your project. and assistance as you wind your warp, dress your loom and weave your project. Fridays  and Tuesday afternoons are open studio days for you to come in and weave at your own pace.
$185 plus materials.


Drafting and Design- Twills

Tuesdays   Jan 23-Feb 13

10:30- 1:00

Intermediate level - 4 and more harneses


Learn to draft twill structures including points, skips, broken, advancing ,undulating and networked. We will include both 4 and 8 harness options for each structure. This class gives a good foundation for the Great Plains on- loom class that follows and we will spend some time researching materials and writing out plans for warps.      


 Please bring graph paper, colored pencils and a good eraser. Feel free to bring your laptop with a weaving program if you prefer.  ( Pixeloom and  Fiberworks can be downloaded for free and are great for practicing though you are not able to print or save unless you purchase the program)


Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting using Pixeloom

Tues. Feb 20, 2018 


 If  you know how to read a draft and create a drawdown on paper , learning to use a  computer drafting program  can enhance your drafting skills.It  can help you to visualize your draft in color  and scale and allows you to quickly create variations in the threading, tie-up and/or treading. Several programs have free downloads that you can try  ( you cannot print or save unless purchased)  For this workshop we will be using Pixeloom ( and try many of it's features. It works on  both PC and MAC.

Bring your laptop with the downloaded program and a draft from a book or magazine to get started. If you dont have a laptop,  I have one that is available in the studio.

Tantalizing Twills

Tues. Feb- 27- April 3, 2018

10:30- 3:30 with extra time on Fridays

$185 plus materials

Level: Intermediate  -  4  and more harnesses

Helpful prerequisite : Drafting and Designing -Twills


Undulating, Advancing, Degree, Snowflake, Networked .These are all words used to describe some of the  beautiful patterning  based on the basic twill.  In this class we will be using 4 and 8 harness looms to mix and match threadings with treadlings to create complex designs that are not difficult once you understand the basics.  Students will decide in class if they prefer a project or round robin class format.



Refresher Course on your own loom : 4 sessions - $185 ( within Pinellas County) by appt.

Session 1   Project planning - at my studio, begin  to wind your warp and finish at home.

Session 2   Dressing the loom- at your house. I will get you started threading the loom. Finish at

your own pace .

Session 3   Tension the warp, tie-up and start weaving. At your house.

Session 4  Finishing and planning your next project- at my studio


Independent Studio- what you need , when you need it.

One on One Project Planning  $40 - one hour session by appt


Private tutoring by appt.: $40/hr + $10/half hr. 




The above classes are held at my studio in Dunedin. To register, please call or send e-mail as early as possible as class size is limited.
A $50 deposit  will reserve your loom.




My Workshops at the Dunedin Fine Art Center
1143 Michigan  Blvd,   Dunedin, FL 34698

This winter / spring I will be teaching the following classes at the  Dunedin Fine Art Center, 1143 Michigan Ave., Dunedin. They have a Fiber Arts room with proper ventilation and sinks for dye classes and rooms with large tables that make it easy for all students to have enough space to work with rigid heddle looms.


Please register early so materials and supplies can be ordered. I cancel a class one week in advance if there is insufficient enrollment

Register in person or online at under Classes or Workshops/ Fiber Arts or call  727 298-3322


Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Wed evenings  Jan 10- Feb 14

6-9 pm

Level 1

$149 members/$179 non-members

          You don’t have to  invest a lot of money in  equipment to start weaving. A rigid heddle loom  is a simple frame loom  that allows you to weave  anything from wall hangings to  scarves. It is sometimes called a  Knitters loom because it can accommodate worsted and novelty yarns. This type of loom folds  and takes up very little space.

            You will learn how to wind a warp  and  thread a loom. The first project will be sampling different fibers and learning weaving techniques. This information will then be used to weave  a second project of your choice. Scarves, runners, bags , pillows are all possible on the rigid heddle loom.  You will also learn how to select appropriate yarns, read project drafts and  finish a piece when it comes off the loom.

            Looms are provided and can be taken home between classes for  a $50 deposit. A $10 materials  fee covers the first project. Students will purchase their own yarns for the second project.


Painted Warps for Weaving 

Saturday & Sunday- Feb 17 & 18, 2018


$149 members, $179 non-members

1 day option is available with previous experience. Contact the art center for pricing.

Explore the idea of color movement by learning to paint a warp with Fiber Reactive dyes. Students will learn how to make stock solutions, how to lay out their yarns, apply and set the dyes and then how to rinse the yarn without tangling, ready for the loom. We will also learn how to paint coordinating weft yarns.

Students will bring a  two  5yd prepared warps –(  20” maximum width) and skeins to dye. They must be cellulosic fiber - cotton, rayon, tencel bamboo, etc. Blends are fine. The instructor will send more specific warping information several weeks before class so there is time to purchase yarns and make the warps.


Please register early. A $15 materials fee will be collected  in class.


Rigid Heddle - Round Robin

Sat, Sunday  - March 17, 18  2018


$150 members/ $180 non-members

Level 2


In this 2 day workshop students will experience more advanced techniques on the  rigid heddle loom. Each loom will be set up with a different technique and students will move from one loom to the next,  weaving their own samples. Warps will be assigned on the first day and students will thread their loom according to instruction. Day two and three will be for weaving the samples. Each student will go home with a complete set of samples with instructions.


Techniques include pattern pick-up, weaving with a double heddle , exploring mix density warps with a variable dent reed, inlay and more depending on the size of the class. Looms  and  materials provided. Please contact the instructor if bringing your own loom.


Materials fee: $15 payable to the instructor.


Create a Color Swatch Book with Fiber Reactive Dyes

Friday, Saturday, Sunday  - April 13,14,15, 2018


All levels


 In this class, students will create a dye swatch book of over 60 colors ( with recipes)  using only 3 primary color stock solutions. We will be using MX Fiber Reactive Dyes which dyes cellulose fiber and silk This is a cold water process and can be  is used on both yarn and fabric. We will cover the proper procedure for preparing a dye stock solution and mixing dyes according to formula with an emphasis on safe studio practice            

This session we will dye cotton cloth unless the class prefers yarn. The samples will be divided so every participant receives a sample for their swatch book This swatch book is a valuable future reference when dyeing yarns, fibers and cloth. This class is appropriate for both quilters and weavers. A $20  materials fee will be collected in class. All dyes and materials provided.








Feel free to contact me  for more information about any of the classes or workshops 


Pam Pawl Handwoven Textiles | 1019 MLK Jr Ave, Dunedin, FL 34698  |  215 483-7157 |

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