Fall 2021


I am excited to be a part of the Phila. Guild of Handweavers ( who have promoted their members work through  a link to members ETSY shops.
I continue to add more pieces  and you can see my current  handwoven items at:
See news and pictures of student work on my Facebook page- Pam Pawl Handwoven Textiles
I hope you will check it out and  possibly join us as we continue to learn, connect and create. 

At the Studio

Time for change. Sadly, I had to close the studio in Dunedin this month .The studio has been empty since the beginning of COVID - 19 always with the hope of opening in "Just a few more months". But as Covid continues to be an issue , few of us want to be in a closed space  for 6 hrs at a time for weaving class or to share equipment. Parking became an issue and my husband is having some healtth issues. So, it seemed best to follow a different route.  I've moved everything into accessible storage  for now and am building a new,  smaller studio in a building on our property. There I will be able to work one on one with beginners and continue to teach more advanced classes on Zoom as well as work on my own weaving any time of day!

As I write this, we are in our last week of "The Path - Inspired by Sound" class. It has been an interesting journey. Seven students each explored sounds that influenced their woven, painted or stitched projects. We talked about Arvo Perot, Paul Klee,Saint- Sans cycadas, Native American flutes, a barking dog and learned about fresh indigo dyeing ,the Fibanocci series of numbers and textile materials that make sounds as they are approached or touched. I've taught "The Path" class four times in the past year and each time is different and amazing. Some students return for another session, others come for only one, but always their is a deep connection that forms among the participants during those six weeks.

I am going to take a break to recoup from the move and get the new studio built. I expect to start teaching again in January 2022.
I continue to be a dealer for Schacht, Louet, Henry's Attic  and Glimakra equipment / yarns and VAV magazine.

I have been weaving  for over 40 years and have used many different types of looms. Feel free to call or e-mail me  to talk about the right equipment for your needs.   I can have any order drop shipped to your address.

Current students and those with studio cards receive a 10 % discount on all equipment
and yarns.

You will find the following  on the CLASSES page.

The Path - Inspired by Sound

I am doing one-on-oneon-line sessions by appointment,  on Zoom.

Beginner  package- let me help  find the right loom for you. If you already have a loom, I can help you plan  and guide you through your first project.

Studio equipment
Schacht Cricket and Flip rigid heddle looms , Louet  20 " Erica 4 harness  loom, 
18 " 4 and 8 harness  Schacht Wolf Pups  8 harness Baby Wolf loom, 36" 8 harness Schacht standard loom, 22" - 4 harness Harrisville loom

Computerized 48" AVL Production Dobby, Louet 27"  Megado ,24" LeClerc Diana.



                                   See details and registration information for classes and workshops on my CLASSES page

                                                            or  feel free to contact me  for more information.

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