August/ September 2021

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I am excited to be a part of the Phila. Guild of Handweavers ( who have promoted their members work through  a link to members ETSY shops.
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At the Studio

Sadly,  the studio has been closed  to group lessons since mid-March 2020 due to the COVID 19  but classes continue on Zoom.

Eight students were in the midst of putting on their newly designed warps  for 4 harness Echo weave when  we had to close the doors. At our  last in-studio class, we  decided to continue using  ZOOM  if students could weave in their own looms at home . . Fortunately everyone had a loom and  after some trials and errors using social media, we were able to finish the class .

Since then we have completed eight   6 week sessions-  Summer and Winter structure class followed with a project in Summer and Winter,, a class called " The Path" where students on all levels participated in interpreting what they observe on a walk into woven art pieces. Last  Fall, we completed both  Shadow Weave and Diversified Plain Weave 6 week classes. I also did a basic structure series for newer weavers.

Since January 2021  The Path ll class continued with  a focus on surface design on handwoven cloth. Several students explored natural dyeing, especially with indigo  as we continued our exploration of how to interpret our environment in woven cloth.

May brought another Path l class where  we were inspired by the greats- Anni  Albers, Sheila Hicks, Lenore Tawney and  students worked on their personal woven journeys . This September brings The Path - Inspired by Sound  where we will look to music and the sounds in the environment  to spark ideas for  fiber art pieces.

Weavers on all  levels participated in The Friday Sessions-  a group for  tutoring and project planning where we discuss all types of weaving questions from techniques to structures. 
Spring  brought  a more technical class in Turned Taquette with a focus on towels. Each student created an original design and then everyone shared their designs with the class. This summer we are studying
Deflected Doublecloth and  students are working samplers of their original designs.

Early on, my students learn to draft using computer drafting program which makes it easy to share their  drafts  with others on ZOOM . They  have also learned how to share Powerpoint  presentations and photos of their work as the sessions progress. By being on-line , I have been able to include weavers from many other areas of the country . Nothing takes the place of looking at real materials and fabrics on the loom but we have managed to come pretty close!

I appreciate the support of my students in keeping the studio alive although the doors are locked. Many of them have been coming to class for several years. When  I asked how they like online learning compared to being in the studio, they commented that  they actually are getting more weaving done between class sessions. They also feel they are getting an in-depth experience by listening closely and responding to each other  during our ZOOM sessions. But in the end, they all  hope to return to the brick and mortar studio as do I.

I regret that I can't teach beginners at the moment. Most beginners don't have their own looms or equipment, so online teaching is a problem.   Yarns to touch, knots to tie, warps to tension, etc. - there are so many little details that are easier to show than explain.

I'm  open by appointment to try out a loom or for pick-up of yarns and supplies. I sell yarn by the ounce and  have 8/2 Borg cotton, 10/2 Lunatic Fringe mercerized cotton, 5/2  and 3/2 mercerized cotton, natural color linen, chenille, 8/2 tencel  and Jaggerspun
 wool /silk on the shelves.

I am a dealer for Schacht, Louet, Harrisville and Glimakra looms and equipment and VAV magazine.I have been weaving  for over 40 years and have used many different types of looms. Feel free to call or e-mail me  to talk about the right equipment for your needs.   I can have any order drop shipped to your address.

Current students and those with studio cards receive a 10 % discount on all equipment and yarns.

You will find the following  on the CLASSES page.

The Path - Inspired by Sound

I am doing one-on-one online sessions by appointment either in person or on Zoom. I will be updating classes every few weeks as we progress toward Fall. Perhaps we can work out an online workshop.

Studio equipment includes warping boards and warping reels, electric skein winder , Schacht Cricket and Flip rigid heddle looms , Louet  20 " Erica  4 harness  loom, four  18 " 4 harness  Wolf Pups,  22" - 4 harness Harrisville loom , 4   and 8 harness Baby Wolf looms, 36" 8 harness Schacht standard loom, a vintage 36" 8 harness Jon Ahrens side tie-up loom, and three 16 harness computer assisted looms.

( 48" AVL Production Dobby, 24" LeClerc Diana, and  Louet 27"  Megado) . Feel free to make an appt to visit the looms.




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