Summer 2017

At the Studio

This spring the studio was buzzing with beginning , project and beyond beginner students. The  Beginner Floor loom students wove 3 yard samplers
of the basic weaves with many variations and then combinations of weave structures. Their warps were  designed with one and two color combinations which gave them a good resource for future  projects. The more advanced weavers had learned about profile drafting and block weaves last fall so this spring we concentrated on only one structure, Crackle,  and wove gamps  using a variety of block threadings. Then each student wove Crackle with many different treadling and color combinations. The samples were unexpected and exciting. To finish the warps , each student wove a few samples in Woven Shibori to introduce them to dyeing and a new techique which we will go into depth in the future.

It is wonderful to work with all levels of  weavers and to witness the networking and friendships that have developed.  Classes and workshops are listed  on the CLASSES page. You can see my own and students'  works  on my Facebook page- . If you have a chance to visit Dunedin, please stop by to see what's on the looms and walls. I'm open on Mondays and  Fridays  10-5pm and  by appt.  Just give a call to let me know when you are coming.

For my own work,  I'm still fascinated with linen towels . I 'm working in  turned Summer and Winter which allows me to weave with one shuttle and  gives me my block pattern options. I've almost finished a memorial cloth  that is on the same long linen warp. One strand of each family member's hair is is included in small white crosses. There are 4 generations represented nestled below a large tree. Above, are  more crosses for the future. I've posted the work in progress on my Facebook page.


The studio is  open  on  Mondays  10-6 and  Fridays  10-4 and also  by appt.

Beginner  through advanced  floor loom weaving is  taught at my studio on Mondays for 6 sessions where we meet once  a week for  4 hrs with extra studio time on Fridays.  I have  four 18 " Wolf Pups, 4 and 8 harness 26" Baby Wolves,  a 36" 8 harness Schacht standard loom, a vintage 36" 8 harness Jon Ahrens side tie-up loom, and three 16 harness computer assisted looms ( 48" AVL Production Dobby, 24" LeClerc Diana,  and  Louet 27"  Megado) .
Please check my Classes page for current dates.

The Dunedin Art Center has a new textile studio where I teach all my dyeing classes.

They have a large ventilated area for mixing dyes, sinks, washer and dryer and lots of table space 
I'm delighted to teach  the  following classes this Summer and Fall
Immersion Dyeing- June. Learn to dye solid color skeins or cloth with cold water  Fiber Reactive Dyes.
Create a Color Swatchbook- July. Create over 60 colors from 3 primary color  dyes.
Painted Warps and Skeins- Sept . 
Create water color effects on both warps and yarns wound into skeins with cold water  Fiber Reactive Dyes.
Weave A Scarf Workshop on a Rigid Heddle Loom - October. Weaving on simple looms with beautiful yarns to create a scarf in just two sessions.

Check out their classes and workshops at

Yarns and  Equipment
I  am a dealer for Schacht Spindle Company looms and accessories.and have many of their looms in the studio for you to try. I also  have lots of weaving yarns on the studio shelves , all available  by the ounce. These include  3/2, 5/2 8/2 10/2 cottons from Valley Yarns, Glimakra Lunatic Fringe and  Dye-Lishus cotton. I also have  Jaggerspun  2/18  Zephyr wool/silk and Highland Heathers.  I am a dealer for Harrisville , Henry's Attic  and Silk City yarns and have the complete sample sets in the studio for anyone to play with and order from. Please call me if there is something you would like to order. Students receive a 10 % discount on everything.


                                   See details and registration information for  classes and workshops on my CLASSES page

                                                            or  feel free to contact me  for more information.

Pam Pawl Textiles | 463 Grant St., Dunedin,  FL 34698|  215 483-7157 |