Summer 2018

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At the Studio

The long days of summer are finally here and, for me, it signals a time to slow down. We had a very busy season  with classes and  lectures twice a week form January  through May. The new studio is larger with a separate class room  so I could lecture and demo the Friday  morning series while  other students worked at their loom in the other room.  There were four new weavers who learned to read a draft while weaving long colorful samplers. The more experienced weavers concentrated on projects with a focus on twills. These included  4 harness  twill towels,  an undulating twill bamboo shawl.  an 8  harness pinwheel color and weave effect scarf, snowflake twill scarves, an 8 harness  twill block runner,  a fancy point twill runner  and  a 16 harness networked twill  wrap in hand dyed tencel. Many of the students designed their own projects using the Pixeloom  computer drafting program.


In April, we had dye workshops in painted warps, immersion dyeing and color mixing. We ended the season with  a  round robin class in doubleweave. It is wonderful to work with all levels of  weavers and to witness the networking and friendships that have developed. I am grateful that they all work so diligently  and happy  that  they have a good time too!


See pictures of the studio and work that's being created at

If you have a chance to visit Dunedin, please stop by to see what's on the looms and walls. I am open Tuesdays and  Fridays 10:30 -5pm.


Upcoming summer  classes and workshops are listed  on the CLASSES page. The summer is more casual and students can work on individual projects by scheduling loom time . I am available for private classes and mentoring. There is also a Friday Design Series and a  Color and Stripes  series  where each week we work out design  ideas in a sketchbook for future  projects.  Each class  is separate so you can pick and choose  from the listing  to fit your interest and schedule.


I also have a studio card available  that can be used for the  Friday Series and/or or  use of the studio equipment.  10hrs/ $100.

Just added: Terrific Towels -
The looms are set up . come in to weave a towel in one session.        
Tues and  Fridays,  Aug 14 through Sept 14.  and Saturday Aug 28
See  my classes page for more information.

The Dunedin Fine Arts Center workshops
The Art Center has  classrooms with lots of  table space and a large, well ventilated  Fiber Arts room for mixing dyes, sinks, washer and dryer.  A great place  to learn!

I will be teaching  these following workshops in the  Fall:
September- Painted Warps and Skeins

November- Weave a Scarf  on a Rigid Heddle loom


For more information  or to register , go to

Studio equipment includes warping boards and warping reels, electric skein winder ,22" - 8 harness Harrisville loom , four  and 8 harness Baby Wolf looms, 36" 8 harness Schacht standard loom, a vintage 36" 8 harness Jon Ahrens side tie-up loom, and three 16 harness computer assisted looms

( 48" AVL Production Dobby, 24" LeClerc Diana, and  Louet 27"  Megado)


Yarns and  Equipment  I  am a dealer for Schacht Spindle Company , Louet,  Harrisville and  Glimakra  looms and accessories and several of their looms in the studio for you to try. I also have weaving yarns on the studio shelves , all available  by the ounce. These include  3/2, 5/2 8/2 10/2 cottons from Valley Yarns, Glimakra , Lunatic Fringe and  Dye-Lishus cotton. I also carry  Jaggerspun  2/18  Zephyr wool/silk  and am a dealer for  Henry's Attic  and Silk City yarns .I have the complete sample sets in the studio for anyone to play with and order from. Please call me if there is something you would like to order. Students receive a 10 % discount on all equipment and yarns.

Current Used Equipment for sale- Schacht Matchless spinning wheel- single treadle, scotch tension or double drive band option, multiple whorls,

all maple with black walnut inlays,1 bobbin. This wheel is about 30 yrs old but in excellent condition.As a Schacht dealer , I've checked it out and can order more accessories as needed. See pictures on my facebook page- Pam Pawl Handwoven Textiles.  ( updated 8/11/18)



                                   See details and registration information for  classes and workshops on my CLASSES page

                                                            or  feel free to contact me  for more information.

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