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Yarns and weaving equipment 

Looms and Wheels

I am  a dealer for Schacht Spindle Company.  I've used their products for many years, both personally and in studio classrooms and recommend them as high quality and cleanly designed.  Schacht produces the Wolf folding looms, Standard floor looms, and the Cranbrook countermarch loom.  See their website at  The  36" standard, 25" Baby Wolf & 18" Wolf Pup LT floor looms, Flip  and Cricket  rigid heddle looms and the Matchless Spinning Wheel are set up in my studio for you to try. I can order any equipment  or loom for you. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
I am also a dealer for Harrisville  Looms and equipment. 22" folding 4 and 8 harness looms  and warping reels available as kits  which save on shipping costs.Made in Harrisville , NH.
  As of June 2018 I am also a Louet dealer. I have a 27"  16H  electronic Megado at the studio and love their new warping reel with removable pegs.


There many yarns in my studio that my students or I use on a regular basis. All are for sale by the ounce- they include 3/2, 5/2 perle cotton,   8/2 Borg cotton from  Glimakra , natural linen, 2/18 Jaggersoun zepher wool/silk, , 2/ 18 merino wool, rayon chenille, hand dyed cotton and rayons and more...
Any yarns from the  following companies can be ordered and sent to you or picked up at my studio at your convenience. You can see their colors online or stop by my studio  to view their color cards.


Henry’s Attic yarns . they  have a huge assortment of mostly white yarns that can be dyed and come in a in full range of fibers including cotton, bamboo, silks, wools , rayons, alpaca  and wool spinning fiber.  They don't have a website so contact me by phone or e-mail for more information. I can send you a small sample or stop by the studio to see thier large sample collection.

Jaggerspun yarns. Their 2/18s merino  and wool /silk  ( zephyr) lines are often used in "Handwoven Magazine" projects for scarves and projects that need fulling. They also  have a full array of colors in  their Highland Heathers and  Mainline lines  that come in 2/20, 2/8 and 3/8. as well as 2/24 washable lambswool. These are beautiful yarns for both weaving and knitting.

Silk City Fiber- Gorgeous novelty yarns, chenille, bamboo, pearl cotton, linen, merino wool, rayon. Great color selection. See the  4 volumes of sample books at my studio.

Lunatic Fringe-  3/2 , 5/2 10/2 mercerized cotton in beautiful saturated colors  Also American Made organic cotton.

VAV magazine
from Sweden.  A beautiful, large format magazine  with stylish  projects and interesting articles that range from historical textiles  and techniques to current textiles designers and their cottage industries.  In English with metric conversion tables.   subscriptions available at $56/yr for 4 issues sent to your door.  Back issues are 12.00 plus postage.

I accept  credit cards and Paypal.

Pam Pawl Textiles |Dunedin, FL  34698 |  215 483-7157 |

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