A handwoven scarf  is a simple way of dressing up last year's wardrobe.

Current stock is available through my Etsy shop - Pam Pawl Textiles
Here are some examples of my work.

            lalpaca block
                                                   Alpaca lace scarf                                                                   Baby Alpaca block scarf
                                                     Baby alpaca 10" x 68 "                                                          Hand dyed   10" x 68" 


   ruffle scarf pink     ruffle scarve 5
   Ruffle scarves
   Wear wrapped or straight. Casual or dressy.
   10" x 45"  plus 6" twisted fringe. Merino wool, tussah silk,  tencel.  Hand dyed.     

purple fancy
                                  twill neck wrapped                              sold maroon fancy twill                      
         Advancing Twill Scarves 
       10" x 68"    with 4" Twisted fringe. Drapes beautifully.
       Silk and tencel, Hand dyed.

            DWP diamond   checks   leaves
                                           Diamonds                                       Checks                                                                      Leaves
     Diversified Plain Weave scarves
    10" x 68"   Two sided, very elegant and durable 
    Rayon chenille and cotton sewing  thread

             dancing squares            sq on sq teal magenta
  Dancing Squares scarves
  10" x 68" ,
  Lightweight and warm
  50% merino wool / 50% tussah silk
  Hand dyed  

            blue tan block
  Block Scarves
  10" x 68" 
  Two- sided, lightweight and warm. Hand dyed.
  50% merino wool / 50% tussah silk

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